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I have forwarded this to one of our groups here in Atenveldt. Mistress Ealasaid received her Laurel in embroidery, therefore: I believe if anyone would know she might.
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I thought that it was in Digby ...

There's a book that has a plate with 3 embroidered crowns  
(Guild-Master Crowns IIRC), and I thought it was Digby.  I just got a  
copy through ILL (I know, bad Susan, no Digby) -- and it's not there.   
There's a plate of *one* embroidered crown, but not the plate of the  
*3* crowns (and oh, how I'd love to see those in color!)

Does anybody remember the plate and/or the book?  I'm searching print  
references to Embroidered Regalia.  And I know the crowns exist.

Susan Farmer
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