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"Works of Art Belonging to the Livery Companies of London", published by the 
Victoria and Albert Museum, 1926

Plate LXX, figures 377, 415, and 519 has 3 embroidered "master's crowns" for 
the Girdlers, Broderers, and Carpenters  respectively.  Unfortunately, they 
are black and white photos.  (Also has lots of silver cups, some furniture, 
some small pictures of several embroidered palls, and some other 
miscellaneous stuff.)  It's not quite what you are describing, but it is 
another resource.

On the web, there are (or were) pictures of embroidered crowns for the 
Leathersellers' Company (which is also on Kat Rowberds site), and the 
Carpenter's company (4 of them- woo hoo!).   There is/was a link to the 
Livery Companies Database off The Broderers' Company website, which is how I 
found the pics of the other crowns.

The Girdlers original crown was destroyed in WWII, but the original is in 
the V&A book, and a pic of  the recreation of that crown is what is on Kat's 

Please pass on anything you find;  I'm very interested as well!

Richenda Coffin

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> I thought that it was in Digby ...
> There's a book that has a plate with 3 embroidered crowns
> (Guild-Master Crowns IIRC), and I thought it was Digby.  I just got a
> copy through ILL (I know, bad Susan, no Digby) -- and it's not there.
> There's a plate of *one* embroidered crown, but not the plate of the
> *3* crowns (and oh, how I'd love to see those in color!)
> Does anybody remember the plate and/or the book?  I'm searching print
> references to Embroidered Regalia.  And I know the crowns exist.
> Thanks,
> Susan
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