[HNW] Embroidered Crowns

Susan Farmer sfarmer at goldsword.com
Sat Mar 29 09:01:48 PDT 2008

Quoting Deborah Fox <richenda at roadrunner.com>:

> "Works of Art Belonging to the Livery Companies of London", published by the
> Victoria and Albert Museum, 1926
> Plate LXX, figures 377, 415, and 519 has 3 embroidered "master's crowns" for
> the Girdlers, Broderers, and Carpenters  respectively.  Unfortunately, they
> are black and white photos.  (Also has lots of silver cups, some furniture,
> some small pictures of several embroidered palls, and some other
> miscellaneous stuff.)  It's not quite what you are describing, but it is
> another resource.

Oooh, that looks like a good resource over all!  Thanks.  ILL here I  
come!  Is there an ISBN or anything?

Susan Farmer
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