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The point lace braid seems more complicated, the hat braid is nothing 
but a chain stitch.

The evolution of crochet from a braid to a continuous textile?  An 
interesting idea. Although, in early 19th-century sources there seems to 
be a tendency to think of it as a kind of knitting. I think not giving 
the craft a separate name is also evidence of it being comparatively new.

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> This sounds close to the Romanian point lace a friend of mine has been 
> learning.
> http://tatt3r-lace.blogspot.com/2008/11/romanian-point-lace-snowflake.html
> She is more of a knitter than crocheter, and said learning to make the 
> braids has been a real learning curve.  After making all the braid, 
> couching it down, and attaching it together with needle lace, or making 
> the braid and sewing it together into a hat, it doesn't seem too long a 
> leap to crocheting the braid to itself as you work it.
> (Pure speculation only, and I am certainly the last one to try to push 
> the date of a craft back without any kind of evidence.)
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