[HNW] Crocheted tablecloth photos (but not very historic)

Frank A Thallas Jr fathallas at collinscom.net
Fri Oct 31 00:10:26 PDT 2008

  Know diddly-all about the history, but what a lovely piece!  My
grandmother and mother did work like that; I get 2-3 of the motifs done and
lose patience, sigh....


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Hi All,

I've posted pictures of a tablecloth crocheted by my gradmother at:

At a guess it's around 70 years old (memo to self: ask mum), so
the tablecloth itself doesn't count as very historical.

I was surprised however, after an exhaustive and in-depth search of all
available reference material (cough, cough, Wikipedia, cough), to learn
that there's little or no record of crochet before the early 1800s,
and little is known of its origins.

Do the crochet gurus on HN have concrete, earth-shattering evidence
(or theories) on the origins of crochet that are waiting to explode
onto CNN?

I know I should check the HN archives before asking, but HN has
been quiet lately and there's a chance the question will provoke
entertaining discussion (or even scandalized outrage).

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