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Penny Ladnier penny at costumegallery.com
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Well, I never really left!  But a year ago, I went on vacation and put my setting to vacation mode.  My computer died and I lose my way to change my settings.  Thanks to our lovely list-moderator, I got back in!  Thank you! 

I have a plea for help!  My daughter is being confirmed April 23.  The only gift she wants is a picture of The Lord's Supper for her room.  Back in 1986, I started a Lord's Supper in cross-stitch from Stoney Creek Collection, copyright 1986.  Since my daughter was born in 1991, this will be historic needlework to her.  She doesn't even know that I was working on the cross-stitch piece because I stopped before she was born.  She has never seen it.  I have the piece 85% complete.  Working on black aida was giving me migraines and stopped.  It was murdering my eye sight.

I have searched my needlework books and all my stitching areas. I can not find the Stoney Creek book with the pattern.  Now, all I have is page 14 with the patterns for each end of the table...the center pattern with Jesus is missing  This is embarrassing...I have everything complete but the 60 X 15 stitches of the left side of the tablecloth that drapes off the table and the challis...so I need the Jesus section of the pattern. I also need to outline all the people.  I am also missing the DMC color key and symbols.  

Today, I bought a new lighted magnifying glass to cut down on headaches while finishing on the piece.  I am heartbroken that I lost this pattern.  I have never lost my needlework patterns before.  I have keep all my patterns since childhood.  

Does anyone have this pattern from Stoney Creek and willing to share it?  This was not in their magazine, but a booklet with several patterns like in the craft stores.

Penny Ladnier
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