[HNW] Coif question

Carol Thomas scbooks at mindspring.com
Wed Apr 1 16:31:47 PDT 2009

The Metropolitan Museum of Art had a blackwork coif with a couple of 
features that I was not familiar with.

At the bottom, a linen cord is used to make loops.  There are two 
drawstrings, each of which starts at the bottom front edge and goes 
around the back of the bottom edge through the loops, coming out at 
the other side front.  Thus, the bottom is  entirely adjustable.

On the top rear, there is an black oval gathering.  It appears to be 
an edge that has had buttonhole stitch done along the edge, then 
gathered, and stitched again more deeply, about 1/8 inch apart and 
just a bit more deep.

I'm wondering if there are others like this.


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