[HNW] Apron question

Deborah Fox richenda at roadrunner.com
Thu Apr 2 08:28:01 PDT 2009

Recently an aquaintance asked me for help with an apron she inherited. 
According to her, it was brought to America from somewhere in Europe, most 
likely Great Britain or Ireland; not sure when. I haven't seen it in person 
yet, but from the pics it looks like a black satin apron with white 
(probably cotton floss) flowers embroidered around the edge and with a 
couple of small motifs in the upper corners and a couple of larger ones 
filling the bottom corners.  It appears to me from the pictures to be 
machine embroidered, not hand stitched.   She thinks it might be a Victorian 
mourning apron, but really isn't sure.  Unfortunately, it's obviously dated 
later than 1650, and that's about where my knowledge ends......can anyone 
help with more information?  I can send you the pics if that helps.....


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