[HNW] Relics of St. Cuthbert

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Japan Gold best represents the historical thread used.  A metal "thread" wrapped around a silk core.  I have done a few pieces.  I tried using Japan #2, but personally found it hard to work with.  I then used #7....toooo heavy for the silk.  Next I am going to try #4.


Please to write Mistress Richenda Coffin, OL of Caid for more information.  She taught a class last fall at the InterKingdom Intensive Needlework Symposium on Opus Anglicanum.  It was great.  In addition, her piece won the Opus Anglicanum category at Estrella.  She also wrote a recent article for Tournaments Illuminated on the subject.


Melisande from Ansteorra
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> Subject: [HNW] Relics of St. Cuthbert
> I am wanting to try my hand at reproducing a portion of the maniple of 
> St.Cuthbert in the silk and goldwork. I have some excellent silk for the 
> project,but I'm not that familiar with many of the gold threads that are 
> available. Has anyone here done a piece in this style that would have 
> some recommendations? I'm thinking that one of the jap golds would work 
> best.
> And any other suggestions/recommendations about doing such a piece would 
> be gladly welcomed.
> -THL Iofa merch Macsen-
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