[HNW] question about actual viking embroideries

Knitnick knitnick at gmail.com
Tue Apr 7 06:47:25 PDT 2009

I'm looking for personal interest for photos of viking needlework, if any
might be available, norse, swedish, whatever country is ok.
I've been looking at the bayeux tapestry photos online, but most seem to be
from drawings, and it's not really what i'm looking for. the project in mind
is embellishment of sleeve edges and necklines on tunics and dresses. I've
seen the pdf that was recently posted that had the small masks, large masks
and vinework, and may end up using some of that, but would appreciate any
links to line drawings or photos from other archaeological finds. I realize
clothing and this sort of detail did not often survive.  I figure if anyone
out there would know, it would be this group of folks. Thanks in advance for
any help you might be able to give.

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