[HNW] Gold thread

Deborah Fox richenda at roadrunner.com
Tue Apr 7 10:51:53 PDT 2009

Is it possible that the wire is wrapped around the silk thread?  I'm 
thinking of the Gylt Silk Twist recently made for the embroidery project in 
Plymouth which reproduced a 16th century thread......If the thread were 
wrapped to the left and the stitches done to the right, it might look like 
it was going in the opposite diagonal.


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> I have a different gold thread question.  There is a piece of 16th c.
> petit point at the Met (not on display) that has a background which
> appears to be brown silk with a very, very thin gold wire.  It is
> runs on the opposite diagonal from the stitches in the needlepoint 
> flowers.
> I cannot tell how the gold stitches were done.  Tent stitch?  Woven in 
> somehow?
> Is anyone familiar with anything like this?

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