[HNW] coif with drawstrings

Kathryn Newell cknewell at earthlink.net
Wed Apr 8 15:10:57 PDT 2009

Dear List and Carllein (who first asked this)

I just checked my copy of "Queen Elizabeth's Closet, Unlockd". On p.205 
there is figure 298 and 298A. This is a black and white photo of a cap:  The 
caption reads:

"A white linen drawn work coif, with additional embroidery  in black silk 
and gold thread with spangles. A ribbon would have been passed through the 
worked loops at the bottom of the coif to pull it in beneath the hair. Royal 
Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh"

I tried to scan and send this to Carllein, but for some reason my scanner 
won't cooperate (odd). The worked loops are very pale -- probably to match 
the linen. They looked to be simple buttonholed or overcast.

Just FYI everyone.

SCA:  Kathryn Goodwyn
"too many centuries..too little time" 

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