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Catherine Kinsey Ckinsey at kumc.edu
Tue Apr 14 07:21:54 PDT 2009

I've been digging through resources for over a year for extent examples
of embroidered coifs and nightcaps from the 16/17C.  Found quite a few
actually, both surviving pieces and examples in portraits (mostly
nightcaps).  The vast majority of these, especially the surviving
pieces, seem to be English.  I will be the first to admit that my
language skills are weak however so I may not have really searched the
European museum websites as thoroughly as I had hoped.  Does anyone know
of any examples of an embroidered coif or nightcap, 16/17C era, in a
European museum?  If so, could you please share a link :)??
Interesting enough, while I can find quite a few portraits of gentlemen
in the embroidered nightcaps, similar paintings of the embroidered coifs
are harder to find.  There are a couple of english portraits where the
sitter is wearing an embroidered jacket and sometimes an embroidered
coif as well, and a lot of needlelace coifs in Dutch paintings, but
still not a lot of coifs.  Here are some of the best European examples,
in paintings, that I have found:
"Last Judgement", by Jacob de Backer, Belgium.  1580.  6 of the ladies
kneeling on the right side panel could have blackworked coifs under
their wired headresses.
Portrait from the French school, c.1585.  Originally in the Weiss
gallery, copy of pic in Janet Arnold's Patterns of Fashion 4
"Girl chopping onions, Gerrit Dou, Dutch. 1646.  

The lace maker, Caspar Netscher, Dutch, 1662-4
So the fashion for embroidered coifs was not just in England, but where
are the surviving European examples?  Anyone able to give me a clue?
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