[HNW] Consulting the collective: coifs

Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Wed Apr 15 07:06:53 PDT 2009

I am just back from England and here's another one worth mentioning.
Not European but interesting:



This coif is now at Hever Castle where we saw it on April 6th and of 
course there was no photography.
I finally located it this am on flickr.
It's identified as "Coif and head piece worked by Anne Boleyn."

They don't have a date for it and quote unquote they think it's her work.

Johnnae llyn Lewis

Catherine Kinsey wrote:
> I've been digging through resources for over a year for extent 
> examples of embroidered coifs and nightcaps from the 16/17C.  Found 
> quite a few actually, both surviving pieces and examples in portraits 
> (mostly nightcaps).  The vast majority of these, especially the 
> surviving pieces, seem to be English.  I will be the first to admit 
> that my language skills are weak however so I may not have really 
> searched the European museum websites as thoroughly as I had hoped.  
> Does anyone know of any examples of an embroidered coif or nightcap, 
> 16/17C era, in a European museum?  If so, could you please share a 
> link :)??

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