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Catherine Kinsey Ckinsey at kumc.edu
Wed Apr 15 12:15:05 PDT 2009

Ooooo, a new one!  Thanks for posting.
I find it very interesting that they think Anne Boleyn worked this.  I
know the Italian coif mentioned previously was from the first qrtr of
the 16th C but I haven't seen any others in England, especially with a
matching forehead cloth, dated early enough to have been AB's work.  
I have found where probably she had made a shirt for Henry VIII that is
listed in the 1533/4 gift roll, possibly even with blackwork.  Hmmm,
trying to compete with Catherine????
I am just back from England and here's another one worth mentioning.
Not European but interesting:
This coif is now at Hever Castle where we saw it on April 6th and of 
course there was no photography.
I finally located it this am on flickr.
It's identified as "Coif and head piece worked by Anne Boleyn."
They don't have a date for it and quote unquote they think it's her
Johnnae llyn Lewis
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