[HNW] 15th Century Spanish Embroidery

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You are welcome. No problem, pick away.

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Aspasia, I think I love you!!  This has really cleared up my confusion.  It's not actually the coifa that is embroidered, but the hood that goes over it!!  

This is a beautiful outfit that you have created and thank you for being so generous for sharing it with us all.

Do you mind if I e-mail you privately to pick your brains some more?



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I have pictures and examples of a coifa on www.myspace/1aspasia. I made one with a hood over it for my 1490 Spanish gown. I wrote a blog on it while working on it. The Spanish coifa often had a "tail" for a braid. I got mine from the Hispanic Costume Book, pictures from the book are included for documentation. I also used pomegranants on the hood.

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