[HNW] 15th Century Spanish Embroidery

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  Is there a picture of that (Mary of H) online somewhere?  I keep meaning
to ask, and then go haring off on another trail instead! :-)

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Thank you. As a Laurel, I don't enter in Art/Sci anymore, but printed it out
along with the gown on a manquin to show how to go about it and document it
for Art/Sci. My next project will be the embroidery on the Mary of Hungry
smocked chemise.

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Absolutely lovely. www.myspace.com/1aspasia worked to get there and thank
you Dear lady for being so incredibly generous with your documentation and
your reasonings. I would and will regard this as a good and solid example of
how to document a project.

On Thu, Aug 13, 2009 at 1:33 PM, Aspasia Moonwind
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I have pictures and examples of a coifa on www.myspace/1aspasia. I made one
with a hood over it for my 1490 Spanish gown. I wrote a blog on it while
working on it. The Spanish coifa often had a "tail" for a braid. I got mine
from the Hispanic Costume Book, pictures from the book are included for
documentation. I also used pomegranants on the hood.

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I am currently doing a pomegrante design from a needlework book (modern)
that I found.  I am doing it in three reds, golds and greens.  I am doing it
for the forepart of a Spanish dress.  I do not have the book anymore, but I
did copy the design and can copy it again and mail it to you if you want. 
Just send me, privately, your address.  It is lovely and I am working it in
split stitch and various types of goldwork.  It is NOT documentable, but not
everything we do has to be.  It is done in stitches known in period.  (I
have made coifs too and have a pattern if you want that too).  This is just
a for fun thing for a friend, probably not for an A&S ever; but maybe
something nice to display for a body of work type thing.
Anyway, let me know if you want the pattern or the design.
Mistress Melisande de Frayne
Barony of Namron, Stellar Kingdom of Ansteorra

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Is that like a Coif – small linen headcover, with string or self ties?
 I know some stunning Elizabethan examples exist- but that is 150-200 years
Or is it more like a night-cap? Any pictures or documentation/descriptions?
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Greetings all

I've volunteered to work a piece for the current Queen of Lochac (SCA -
Australia) and her persona is 15th Century Spanish.

It's been mentioned that she would like a Coifa, worked in bright colours. 
Now I have no problems with this, but have not been able to find any
examples of these as embroidered pieces - not even going to mention that I
have no pattern to even make the thing!

Can somebody who has some more experince with this particular period of
embroidery give me some pointers?

The other option that I thought of myself for her was an embroidered book
cover (which I can do in the rich, bright colours with pomegranates that she
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