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Thank you very much for mentioning my wallhanging - btw. it's finished by 
now and hanging at the wall of my living room :)
see -> http://embroidery.racaire.at/?cat=47
It's the same technique like the mentioned Tristan Wallhanging from 
Wienhausen - you can order a photo map at the cloister (Kloster 
Wienhausen) with many big size prints of the taken photos (also close ups 
- think it's A3) - I have it at home, it's really beautiful, you just have 
to keep in mind that the colours differ a little from the original 
tapestry colors
(...and before some asks - here is the handout for the technique 
http://racaire.at/index/embroidery/handouts/Klosterstich_v1-00.pdf  :)

Tanja Kohwagner-Nikolai lists in her thesis/book "per manus sororum..." 
(sorry, written in German - but if you can read German and are interested 
in this kind of embroidery,... it's a great book)
46 different tapestries/wallhangings (?teppiche?), banklaken,... and I 
have some other books that even cover other wallhangings that are not 
mentioned in this book, because this book mainly covers the 
"Niedersachsen" part of Germany :)
...btw. Klosterstich was also used in the Bayeux tapestry and after the 
beginning of the 16th century there was a very interesting usage on black 
woolen fabric in Swiss :)

...or also to mention the usage of the technique of the Bayeux tapestry - 
I call it "Refilsaum" - for example in Iceland in the 14th century,...
(...and yes, there is also an handout for this technique at my homepage - 
http://racaire.at/index/embroidery/handouts/Refilsaum_2-0.pdf :)

...or one of the other lovely Tristan hangings - this time "Wool motifs 
applied to contrasting woollen ground with edgings in gilded leather "
...see the V&A museum in London -> 

...and I am sure there are still a lot undiscovered embroideries in 
museums we haven't visited yet ... :)

Best regards
Shire Ad Flumen Caerulum (Austria)
Kingdom Drachenwald


The Malterer Hanging?  I know that Racaire in Austria has been 
stitching that one.

Susan/ jerusha
Susan Farmer
sfarmer at goldsword.com
Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College
Division of Science and Math
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