[HNW] wallhangings... :)

Susan Farmer sfarmer at goldsword.com
Tue Aug 25 13:55:46 PDT 2009

Quoting ego at racaire.at:

> Thank you very much for mentioning my wallhanging - btw. it's finished by
> now and hanging at the wall of my living room :)
> see -> http://embroidery.racaire.at/?cat=47

Well, if it hadn't been gorgeous, I wouldn't have mentioned it!  :-)

Her Bayeaux work is excellent too.

> It's the same technique like the mentioned Tristan Wallhanging from
> Wienhausen - you can order a photo map at the cloister (Kloster
> Wienhausen) with many big size prints of the taken photos (also close ups
> - think it's A3) - I have it at home, it's really beautiful, you just have
> to keep in mind that the colours differ a little from the original
> tapestry colors

I may just have to check into that!

jerusha/ susan
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