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Drooling, seriously.  But no, I don't think I have seen a "back" to it. 
Anything in the various Arnold books?

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> Sorry for the cross-post, but ...
> The V&A has an embroidered Jacket (Accession 919-1873)
> http://collections.vam.ac.uk/objectid/O80226
> There's a picture of *part* of the embroidery in King & Levey -- and
> the front of the jacket and the side seam are up on the V&A website
> (referenced above).
> Does anybody have a picture of the *back* of the jacket?  I'm trying
> to get a feel for the pattern, the snippet in King & Levey isn't big
> enough -- and the front, is ... well, the front!
> Thanks!
> Susan/jerusha 

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