[HNW] could use some help for "Flowers of the Needle"

Kathryn Newell cknewell at earthlink.net
Thu Sep 17 10:55:50 PDT 2009

I am finally gong back to working on hand inking in pages of "FLowers of the 
Needle". I'm almost half way done with digitally remastering all the pages.

However-- I'm a bit paranoid a bout the actual books becoming available. 
After all, my 1597 Johan Sibmacher book was put (the original, not my 
recharting) on the Web for fere download. I'd hate to continue with this 
painstsaking work only to find, once I was done, that each of the seven 
books was available for free download!

DH and I don't have high speed-- yet. We are going to have some computer 
repairs done first, then go high speed. In the mean time I have been trying 
to download boolks and my computer balks after only 1 mg has been 
downloaded. Then the screen blanks. ARRGHHH! One of them was a possible hit 
for FOTN, too, darn it!

Could Someone Else check these two sites to see if the books are available?



The seven books contained in "Flowers of the Needle" are:

Zoppino,  Niccolo, called Aristotile, "Essemplario di lavori....... "  1530
Tagliente, Giovanni Antonio, "Essemplario nuova...."  1531
Zoppino, Niccolo, called Aristotile, "Gli Universali del belli recami..." 
Sera, Dominico da, "Opera nova composta per Dominico.."  1546
Vavassaro, Giovanni Andrea, "Opera  nova universali" 1546
Ostaus, Giovanni, "La Vera perfezione"  1561
Ostaus, Giovannia, "La vera perfezionne", 1567

Nota Bene-  the last two books, despite identical titles, contain different 
patterns. Honest!

Many thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide me. FWIW I found out 
that Zoppino was a poet and playwright! (I just Googled his name).

SCA: Kathryn Goodwyn
"too many centuries...too little time" 

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