[HNW] could use some help for "Flowers of the Needle"

Lynn Carpenter alwen at i2k.com
Fri Sep 18 09:46:36 PDT 2009

The only one I've found so far is this one:

 >Ostaus, Giovanni, "La Vera perfezione"  1561


"Ostaus, Giovanni. La Vera Perfezione del Disegno [True Perfection in 
Design], 1561, 92 pages. Note: 1909 facsimile. Scanned images provided by 
Tess Parrish. Posted January 4, 2004. CD (LDA04). SAMPLE PAGE. File size 
5.7 MB  PDF"

However, remember that a lot of digital book and manuscript collections 
have additions made every day.  Siebmacher's Modelbuch was not on either of 
www.csu.arizona.edu or www.antiquepatternlibrary.org - it's at the Munich 
Digitisation Centre,

I've tried searching there a bit for the others, but I had trouble at first 
even getting Neues Modelbuch to come up, and I knew that was there!

So there's no guarantee the rest aren't up somewhere.

Lynn Carpenter in SW Michigan, USA
Ravelry ID: alwen

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