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Thu Dec 2 01:01:37 PST 2010

This might not be historic or vintage needlework but  I found a beautiful
cut-work embroidered Christmas runner last summer in an antique store.  The
embroidery is machine made.



A link to my photos of the handmade Christmas decorations at Colonial
Williamsburg (CW) homes.  I took some really good close-ups so that if
someone wanted, you can make them.

http://www.costumegallery.com/Williamsburg/2009/1010984.htm .  The CW
decorations are made of all natural items.  . Hopefully, I will photograph
my progress of making the wreath.  I am returning to CW Dec. 11 to see if
they have new decorations and photograph them.  Today I am making my
variation of this wreath:  

http://www.costumegallery.com/Williamsburg/2009/1020053.htm .  I collected
some of the items from my yard last summer...like the gumballs.  I tried to
grow bachelor buttons for the wreath but they didn't grow well.  So I have
to come up with something else for the small white flowers.  If you have a
suggestion, please pass it along to me.


Penny Ladnier, owner

The Costume Gallery Websites


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