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Tue Dec 21 19:25:05 PST 2010

On a Ukranian embroidery stitch called "Nyzynka"?

I'm not entirely sure of the spelling.
One of the newest ladies in our shire is determined to make an entirely authentic 15th c. Ukranian
outfit, and this stitch was used to embroider the blouses or chemises in that area.
Apparently it comes from the Hutsuls area in the Carpathian Mountain region.

She describes it as a stitch that is worked from the back, but ends up with the design on the front of the material.

I have never heard of it, and I KNOW that  my sources have none of the Eastern European stuff in them.

She is checking with the older Ukranian ladies in her church, but only one remembers doing the stitch as a child.
Not a lot of help.

I told her that I would ask here, since of all the places I know of, this might be the most likely place to get some information.
Anything that anyone can offer would be helpful.

Thanks so much in advance.  Back to lurking

Aasa, Midrealm

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