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Fri Jan 8 05:47:35 PST 2010

We lost ALL of our email and addresses (thanks to Staples not backing up our email while backing up Other Things).

I have, in my graphics file, a color photo of one of those beaded acorn bags. They are shown in black and white in the Shire Album on beading. I'm sure they show up in other needlework books. Could someone redirect me to the website where this is? It shows a lovely *color* photo of one of these 1630's century bags.

Information/advice needed:  from the print out I did of my copy of the photo, it looks like the beads are sewn onto a canvas. I assume this would be linen canvas. Has anyone tried this? I'm wondering how to find a dark enough canvas so that it doesn't interefere with how the pattern "reads". Yes, I am thinking, someday, of possibly making this, just for fun.  Not with a leather top, though. I assume one would line the bag with a dark lining to blend in with the dark linen canvas and let the bead pattern show nicely.

Has anyone else charted this pattern? It would make this project easier for me if it were already charted somewhere. If not, guess I get to do it. Someday.

SCA: Kathryn Goodwyn
"too many centuries...too little time"
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