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Hmmm.  I just clicked on the link and went straight to the web page  and 
thence to the article.
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A very interesting article on  white quilted furnishing from the V&A.  The 
article is down on the  right side of the main page.  Thanks to Lisa Evans 
for posting  this!

Nancy / Ingvild


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The Victoria & Albert Museum has started posting an on-line  journal with 
the occasional textile article.  Here is one that may be  of interest:


"Tales from the Coilte," by Kathryn Berenson.  "Production of  white 
quilted furnishings existed in the Middle Ages throughout most of  Europe and 
certainly in France. Refined work with story-telling motifs is  associated 
principally with southern Italy, renowned examples being the  fourteenth-century 
Tristan quilts, which will be exhibited by the V&A  in November, 2009, and 
at the major Quilts exhibition from 20 March to 4  July 1010. This paper 
looks at the cultural environment of the Tristan  quilts, their precursors and 
the white motif-laden confections that  followed them."

This article may be  subscription-only.  I was not able to connect to it.

Joan Jurancich
joanmj at surewest.net  

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