[HNW] is this "A Pictorial History of Embroidery"???

Kathryn Newell c.knewell at Comcast.net
Thu Jul 8 14:25:31 PDT 2010

I was on a Web site previously unknown to me, ordering a small book.


Just for fun, I typed in "A Pictorial History of Embroidery" hoping to find 
the Maria Schuette book. What I got was:

Das Stickereiwerk/Schuette, M. ; Muller, S.F.

Emst Wasmuth, Tubingen, first edition, 1963. Cloth, cover device, 4tto, 30 
cm. Very Good in used dustwrapper, with some short tears. 59 pp, 296 pp of 
plates with 464 ills. 464 entries. A pictorial history of embroidery. In 

It was $137.00 so I bought it -- with s&h comes to  $ 150.00 being shipped 
from Germany. It will take about 2 months to get here (for $20??).

*Please* could someone assure me this is IT? I believe it is, but I sure 
could use some assurance! If it is, then I'll have to borrow an English 
language version for the pages via I.L.L.

SCA: Kathryn Goodwyn
"too many centuries..too little time" 

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