[HNW] is this "A Pictorial History of Embroidery"???

Carol Thomas scbooks at mindspring.com
Thu Jul 8 14:54:33 PDT 2010

Amazon has a copy for $350, listed as "Das Stickereiwerk (Pictorial 
History of Embroidery) by Schuette and Muller-Christiensen".

I do believe you're fine!

The cheap shipping from Europe comes by boat, or at least it used to 
when the exchange rate was better and I used to bring in Austrian 
illuminated manuscript books.


At 05:25 PM 7/8/2010, you wrote:
>I was on a Web site previously unknown to me, ordering a small book.
>Just for fun, I typed in "A Pictorial History of Embroidery" hoping 
>to find the Maria Schuette book. What I got was:
>Das Stickereiwerk/Schuette, M. ; Muller, S.F.
>Emst Wasmuth, Tubingen, first edition, 1963. Cloth, cover device, 
>4tto, 30 cm. Very Good in used dustwrapper, with some short tears. 
>59 pp, 296 pp of plates with 464 ills. 464 entries. A pictorial 
>history of embroidery. In German.
>It was $137.00 so I bought it -- with s&h comes to  $ 150.00 being 
>shipped from Germany. It will take about 2 months to get here (for $20??).
>*Please* could someone assure me this is IT? I believe it is, but I 
>sure could use some assurance! If it is, then I'll have to borrow an 
>English language version for the pages via I.L.L.
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