[HNW] is this "A Pictorial History of Embroidery"???

Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Fri Jul 9 14:40:26 PDT 2010

I am not certain that anyone ships by sea any longer. They fly the  
packages over and then the time you wait depends on who is handling  
the package in the states. They can rapidly clear customs or sit there.

I still buy from overseas all the time and I often get into  
conversations when the cost of postage goes up. (I collect cookbooks  
and have been buying from abroad for decades.)
The sellers routinely quote $20 and then double that because the book  
is heavy. Well the book was always heavy - they just weren't quoting  
the right price. I think in part this happens because websites that  
include shipping from Europe to the USA routinely rank sellers by  
price. Quote a lower price and be listed higher. One other thing to  
watch out for when buying books from Europe are sellers that refuse to  
take credit cards. They want wire transfers. Those can cost big bucks.  
I had to tell one seller no because the fees cost more than the book  
and postage combined.


On Jul 9, 2010, at 5:24 PM, Kathryn Newell wrote:

> < Amazon has a copy for $350, listed as "Das Stickereiwerk  
> (Pictorial History of Embroidery) by Schuette and Muller- 
> Christiensen".>
> Ack--that book has accelerated in price since I started looking a  
> few months ago!
> < The cheap shipping from Europe comes by boat, or at least it used  
> to ...>
> I've ordered books Sea Mail years and years ago from the U.K. This   
> merchant (in Germany) is charging  me $30.00(just went up $10  
> because they wrote it was a heavy book).
> and
> ]
> < In a couple of weeks you should know. (But it looks like it)>
> Um, try a couple of *months*!!!
> and
> < Sounds like the right book.>
> Whew!!! When I saw it was $137.00 I realized it was the cheapest I  
> had seen it when I first started looking a few months ago. It was  
> their *only* copy, so it seems you have to be at the right place at  
> the right time....
> --Kathryn
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