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Hey Mistress Dyan-gotta tell you, I still get compliments on my medallion.  Every time I wear it, I think of you and feel so very special!!  Duchess (and Mistress Ellis) this weekend told me that embroidery was not your only talent, silversmithing was clearly a forte!


I don't have any written references, but there are two pictures in "Medieval Craftsmen, Embroiderers" by Kay Staniland.  The first is two gentlemen using slate frames on the cover and on page 27.  These are from an Italian manuscript c. 1400.  The second is ladies using lap frames  on the inside cover and on page 49.  The Second picture is from "The Triumph of Minerva" c. 1470. 


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Hello All,
 Can anyone offer book titles, Author's names...any history info for the actual making of the stretcher frames...materials/woods used, who made them, etc...??
Thanks in advance,
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