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Sun Jul 18 06:36:34 PDT 2010

Thank you all...
 who have replied regarding stretcher frames. Yes, there are numerous 
illustrations available recording it's use & sizes, yet nothing substantial 
found for it's actual materials & construction. There's period info on how to 
dress them & modern day info is readily available on how to make modern ones & 
dress them. Similarities are apparent. I envy weavers!...looms have been 
thoroughly researched, documented & the knowledge published. One would think (!) 
that the importance & well recorded history of embroideries would present the 
importance & interest in their framework...Perhaps we should gather forces & 
inundate choice Museums with inquiries regarding the frames!! I'm starting 
today...also with woodworker's lists...
  Some text about the stretcher frames in Medieval Craftsmen Embroiderer's is 
only suggestive...(in part) "we have to suppose that already, by established 
tradition, the craftsmen were supplying their own equipment". 

Another paragraph states, " John de Cologne found it necessary to buy iron hooks 
& thick cord & thread for this project plus some unidentified items termed 
stodeles, perhaps beams or frames for stretching the work, purchased from a 
carpenter". Other text explains how to dress them.

Has anyone ran across "stodeles" in research? 
& Thanks Mel for the compliment! I'm happy you enjoy your spoon medallion as it 
was a lot of fun making & presenting to you. 


Everyone have a great day!

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