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I used some very similar on a pair of gloves & it looked grand. I removed a 
strand from the top edge to attach gold spangles to the lace so it would 
blend. Also checked last week with a German lace maker who has a needle worker's 
supply in a nearby town. She doesn't have anything right now, but may in the 
future & I'll let you know if that happens. I have purchased some silver & gold 
lace from her before & it rocks with an authentic appearance! She uses Krienik 
Japan synthetic metal threads. 
What width & length do you need for your project? 


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I wrote in a few weeks ago asking about where to find some gold bobbin lace.

I never did hear back from that antique lace company.

PinkLeader (Jen Thies) had a mention today in her LiveJournal post of a lace she 
was using :


It's not quite bobbin lace - but it's similar.

I just thought I'd let you know.

There is a selection of other laces there as well.

Best regards,

Megan/Elmsley Rose

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