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> Rennaisance wools, but getting an entire set
> for the Tapestry is out of her price range.
I'm not sure why, there are only five main colors in the entire tapestry, 
along with a few other colors. According to David Wilson, the colors are 
terracotta, blue-green, an old gold, olive green, and blue. Two other colors--a 
dark blue or black and a sage green--appear in some places. Later 
(nonperiod) repairs were done in light yellow, orange, and light greens. 

This is my particular favorite source for Bayeux Tapestry information 
mainly because of the color plates; the tapestry was photographed in natural 
light so the colors are very true. I had pretty good luck using a DMC color 
chart to match the colors from the Wilson plates; they weren't all exact but 
very close. DMC doesn't make their tapestry wool any more, that was my 
preference for laid work. 

Good luck!
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