[HNW] Bayeux Tapestry

Sarah Ketley pixieleigh7 at yahoo.com.au
Thu Jun 3 12:41:58 PDT 2010

Thank you all for helping me in my Bayeux Tapestry quest.

It's really made me see how little we have down here in Australia (or rather that if we want anything really nice we have to pay through the nose for it). As a uni student i simply can't afford to only buy the loverly renaissance threads that i would like to buy. 
As i said before we don't even have ANY crewel wool in our main craft store here!!! its really quite disgusting :-)

I have come down to two choices. (at the moment)

1) either the Appleton wool
2) Renaissance wool

1) I don't know which colours of the appletons i would need without seeing the range. I have tried to do some cross matching off some conversion charts and really wasn't happy with the result. So if anyone has done a bayeux with this thread or can suggest the numbers to order online i would be very grateful.

2) The Renaissance wool has a list of 12 or so colours that were used. I would need to limit that to buying hanks of the most important 5 and a skein of the others. While i don't see that being a problem because the tapestry used a couple of colours only in a small way, i need to know which are the main 5 to order. If anyone knows that would be a big help. I will email Renaissance dying and see if they know, but it wouldn't surprise me if they can't help. (they are wonderful though) I tried to match off their website but many of the colours are not there to see them.

anyway, i have to run off to work now. its 5:30am here in Australia will have to keep playing later on today. I think i have now seen every image and document on the Bayeux tapestry that the net has to offer :-)

Thank you all

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