[HNW] Bayeux Tapestry - found a supplier

Betsy Marshall betsy at softwareinnovation.com
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If nothing else , you will have some colors to refer to when shopping locally!


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Hi Johnna,

No i had to buy some, but it was only 9euro for a set of all the colours. So hopefully they will be ok.The postage was a bit steep though. I am hoping that they will be of ok quality. if not i shall use them to keep stitching little bags or something until i find some proper stuff for the wall hanging.


i will keep everyone updated as to the quality

Here is my current progress in the cottons http://borninthewrongage.blogspot.com/

Kind regards to all




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Will they send or sell you a sample pack?


So glad that you found a supplier.



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Hi everyone,

Thanks for your help. Have spent many hours trawling through the web (see my blog for my researchhttp://borninthewrongage.blogspot.com/)

I have found a site that SELLS THE BAYEUX wool in complete packages! from the Bayeux Broderie website!!

Has anyone used this wool, i am very excited if the wool is of good quality... which i hope it is. It doesn't look too expensive either, for what it is.

here is the link : http://www.bayeux-broderie.com/other-products-wool.htm

Any comments suggestions?

Thanks to all who have replied. :-)

Sarah / Constance



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