[HNW] Bostocke sampler?

Tue Jun 8 04:15:31 PDT 2010

Thank you!  ^_^
(and I typo'd, the first part should be "80 THREADS per inch"! d'uh -- too long
a day)
- Carol


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  Ooo, pretty project!  Will definitely have to check the library and see if
I can lay hands on the Browne book, thanks!

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I'll throw another estimate into the pot, and it mostly matches everyone
else's.  :-)
My notes on a project I once made (http://www.dragonbear.com/as-straw.html)
said about 80 stitches per inch and definitely 4 threads per stitch. 
My source, which has lovely detailed photos:
Browne, Clare, and Jennifer Wearden. Samplers from the Victoria and Albert
Museum. London: V&A Publications, 1999
- Carol Hanson (SCA: Caryl de Trecesson)

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Uh, I need daylight.  I printed out a macro photo of part of the owl
motif, and the magnifying glass just turns it into pixels.  Need to
look at it in natural light to see if I can count it.   Roughly, it
looks like 4 threads per cross stitch, which puts it in the 72
threads per inch ball park.  But counting the background away from
the stitching, I got 56 threads per inch, but don't have confidence
in that estimate.  Will try again in the morning.

Send me your snail mail address off list and I'll send you the 4 x 6
so you can look for yourself.  It came out very orange because I had
problems with the lighting, but it is larger than life size.


At 04:56 PM 6/7/2010, you wrote:
>   Oh, cool, thanks!  That's pretty much the info I was curious about (I
>don't NEED to know, I just WANT to know... :-D) for comparison.
>    I did one shirt on swiss batiste, over 3 one way/4 the other, that came
>out to not quite 20 stitches per inch, so that gives me a good comparison
>for "it looks about like this", I think...
>"You get a wonderful view from the point of no return..."
>http://practicalblackwork.com <http://practicalblackwork.com/> 
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>Several years ago I visited the V&A, and hung a ruler off the glass
>and photographed one of the elements of the Bostocke.  Comparing the
>owl motif to the ruler in the picture, I get 18 stitches to the inch
>on the cross stitches,  approximately.
>The stitches look as though they cover perhaps 4 threads,
>approximately, so the linen would be about 72 to the inch, or even
>finer.  Let me know if you need me to print it out and try to count
>threads, I probably can give a clearer answer than that by using a
>magnifying glass on the background fabric.
>At 03:05 PM 6/7/2010, you wrote:
> >   Does anyone have an idea about the average stitch count on the
> >sampler (V&A)?   Just curious - I like to work "small", but seems to me
> >14 stitch/inch is kind of a standard nowadays...
> >
> >Liadain
> >

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