[HNW] liquid "embroidery" --anyone tried this?

Chris Laning claning at igc.org
Thu Jun 17 08:06:12 PDT 2010

On Jun 16, 2010, at 7:27 PM, Catherine Olanich Raymond wrote:

> On Wednesday 16 June 2010 10:17:36 pm Susan Farmer wrote:
>> But how much of a different look would they have than Fabric  
>> Paint?  I
>> used them 30-ish years ago, too.
> I can't imagine how they would look different from Fabric Paint  
> except by
> providing a narrower line, but perhaps paint technology has improved  
> since we
> last used the stuff.  :-)

My limited experience is that these paints stand up and make a raised  
line. If you apply them in dots or dashes and squint real hard, they  
kinda look like they *could* be stitching, but in real life you  
wouldn't use stitches that big. (OTOH, I may be confusing them with  
"puff paint." ;)

Stenciling is a good way to get many repeated designs on a piece of  
cloth -- it seems to have been used for tournament decorations and  
other stuff where you need to create lots of yardage quickly.   
Admittedly it's kind of messy to do, but nothing's perfect ;)


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