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Velvet Claw a_velvet_claw at yahoo.com.au
Thu Jun 17 15:19:55 PDT 2010


 I've written an enquiry to www.lacemaking, Dyan, as they didn't show 
anything appropriate on their webpage.

 I'd like to add bobbin lace to my skills 'toolbox' but this project has 
already go on for ... 18 months? (with a few lengths of time off due to 
illness). 113 posts to my blog on it already. I'm exactly half way 
through the actual embroidery, so I reckon I've got another six months 
solid work (again, it will be dragged out by illness) to go just on 
that. I'll be learning new stitches as I go (which is the whole point of 
this experimental sampler) - that's what really takes the time.

I've talked to Ruth O'Leary of http://rutholearytextileart.blogspot.com/ 
about the finishing process to make it into a wall hanging, and it 
sounds like quite a project in itself!

I've got so many projects that I want to get on with - not least the 
Thistle Thread Masterclass which I've just joined, but will delay doing 
the kits until I've finished the Sampler. And then the Stumpwork project 
which is rumoured she will be teaching next year - I really want to do 
that. And all my own ideas for projects, including another embroidered 
book cover  - a large flower in silk needlepainting, surrounded by a 
heavily raised randomly curvaceous border covered in purl, which I now 
have the skills to do. (There are a few examples in the Embroidered Book 
Collection at the British Library, where I got the idea from)

So - I'd like to learn bobbin lacemaking, and read   "Making 16th 
Century Bobbin Lace"" by Mistress Francesca la Curiosa.from

this morning, so have some idea of what is involved.

I have noticed that extant panels/wall hangings quite often had a thin 
edged border around them, rather than lace (which really belongs on 
clothing, but I want/wanted because it's pretty) and I think it might be 
a good idea if I had a closer look at those images and try and see how 
they were constructed. (If you have any ideas, they are most welcomed). 
I have a copy of 'Twixt Art and Nature' and that will be my first go-to.

I've also seen gold bobbin lace on Ebay, ages ago - but I've searched 
intermittantly and not seen it since. I might put a 'want' up and see 
what happens, keeping in mind what
Genevieve said about the modern lace detracting from the embroidery.

Thankyou for your help - it's helped set my direction,

best regards.

Megan/Elmsley Rose

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