[HNW] H-needlework Digest, Vol 50, Issue 10

Kathryn Newell c.knewell at Comcast.net
Fri Jun 18 05:19:18 PDT 2010

< Our local group has emailed about designing and creating fabric-- one 
website that they mentioned is this one


A price of $18.00 a yard is reasonable if all I want is a yard or two to cut 
up. But-- it sure would be nice to have the rounds already cut up and 
machine satin-stitched, then apply the device. That's why I was wondering re 
the liquid embroidery pens. From all of your advice, I don't think I'll try 
that method.

I'm bookmarking that website, though. The idea of possibly making a simple 
gown of white fabric with black Catherine Wheels all over it is quite a 
thing to dream about! Too bad I'm so tall that it takes a zillion yards of 


< Stenciling is a good way to get many repeated designs on a piece of 
cloth -- it seems to have been used for tournament decorations and other 
stuff where you need to create lots of yardage quickly. >

Ahhh! Lightbulb Moment! My  husband does stenciling (19th century 
traditional bronze powder stencilling). He could cut me a stencil.  FWIW I 
wasn't thinking a nice court gown. I was thinking casual garb/field garb.

I once knew someone who paid a uniform company to machine embroider him a 
set of badges Thankfully his heraldic device was so simple it only had one 
charge. There was a minimum order. I'm sure it was expensive, but he had 
that kind of money to burn. He also ended up with *tons* of these things so 
he applied them to mundane belongings, too.

All of this is a "pie in the sky" kind of dream. Thanks for all the input, 

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"too many centuries..too little time"

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