[HNW] stitch count of Mary's cruciform cross-stitch designs

SNSpies at aol.com SNSpies at aol.com
Wed Jun 23 20:56:19 PDT 2010

Wasn't  there a discussion of these earlier? I seem to recall a lot of
speculation  about 80 EPI linen and stitching over 4 threads for 20 stitches
per inch..  (but it might have been another piece entirely- my ol' grey
memory ain't  what it used to be..)
Apparently the 20 st per inch, i.e. ca. 400 stitches per square inch, was  
what the octagonal pieces (by Bess of Hardwick) were done in.  The  
cruiciform ones are a larger count, from what I understand.  Some of you  have said 
14 count; some of you have said ever larger, such as 5-6 count.   Alex, were 
you lucky enough to actually sit WITH a cruciform piece and count the  
stitches which you say are 14 to the inch?  Lucky you!
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