[HNW] stitch count of Mary's cruciform cross-stitch designs

Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Thu Jun 24 10:02:43 PDT 2010

Details are actually in Santina Levey's book The Embroideries at  
Hardwick Hall: A Catalogue.

See the chapter on Applied Needlework. It discusses the Oxburgh  
hangings and also the V&A
pieces in connection with the work remaining at Hardwick Hall.

She states on page 341 for the Oxburgh panels  "The octagons and  
cruciforms are worked mainly with floss, including some lovely mingled  
colours, in two stage cross stitch over paired threads with a stitch  
count of 13 x 12 per square inch/2.5 cm." There's also finer tent  
stitch over single threads mentioned with a count of 24 x 23 per  
square inch/2.5cm.

For the cruciform depicting a falcon on page 343  the "linen-canvas  
ground is worked entirely with floss, mostly in two stage cross stitch
over two threads with a stitch count of 13 x 13 per square inch/ 
2.5cm." she notes vertical lines can be a mix of cross and overcast."

hope this helps



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