[HNW] status re Flowers of the Needle

Kathryn Newell c.knewell at Comcast.net
Thu Sep 30 11:11:31 PDT 2010

I am curently stuck slogging through 14 pages of charts. The printing is so 
small I couldn't easily manage it well even with hand re-inking, so I'm 
painstsaking doing it during digital cleanup. A variety of  people have 
suggested along the way that Adobe  Photoshop could "do it all". I beg to 
disagree. The ink loss from the original pages was such that there is no 
predictability. Some kind of fancy scanning software might have been helpful 
in the easier tasks of darkening in faded ink. But for ink loss-- there is 
*no* shortcut. I must clean it up dot by dot, as it were.

However-- once past those pages  (curently on p.155 out of 180) , I sail 
through the last few pages to the END!!! Yes, the END!!!!

I have recently chatted to a good friend who is going to be building me a 
Web Page. Yes, I get a free Web page by being on Comcast, and they have 
templates. She, however, is a wiz at this type of thing. I'm a Klutz.

My eventual Web page will have a  free download of my 1597 Sibmacher book, 
as well as the "Stalking The Wild Assisi" article. This time with color 
scans from my Learning Sampler. Someday I hope to get the permission of the 
Cleveland Museum of Art to let me include  the photo of that 16th century 
portrait of Maria. She is wearing a chemise with collar and cuffs done in 
voided work.

Once I'm done with the digital remastering of FOTN, I want to write a short 
intro, especially with tons of "thank yous". After that I "shop it aorund" 
to three local printers. I'm not sure if it will make sense for me to print 
it and try to recoup costs. I really can't say until I've gotten bids. I do, 
however, recall that two bids for doing the much smaller Sibmacher made my 
jaw drop.

If it turns out that printing it is not feasible for me, then it will 
probably be downloaded somewhere -- unsure. I would need volunteers to help 
translate 180 pp  into PDF files. Let's wait and see.

I will be meeting with my friend over the holidays --probably around New 
Years. Once my Web page is up, there will probably be a spot on there re 
updates on Flowers of the Needle.

I am a year behind where I wanted to be with this, but Real Life has been 
rough at times and highly inconvenient.

All this is just FYI. Thanks for being so patient!

SCA: Kathryn Goodwyn
"too many centuries...too little time" 

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