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I recommend a subscription to Accessible Archives www.accessible.com
[1]  They have the complete run of Godey's Lady's Book in a searchable
database. You'll find dozens of patterns for Berlin wool work as well
as other charted designs that can be used. An annual subscription for
individuals is very affordable.  

	Google books has a few issues of Peterson's Magazine as well as
several other period sewing and needlework books.  Search on "Berlin
wool work" or "Berlin woolwork" as well as "book markers".   

	If you have a Kindle, there are several period needlework manuals
available for free.  

	I also have a book published many years ago that has charted
Victorian alphabets. It's very easy to use it to create your own
designs. I can send the title and publisher when I get home this

	Carolann Schmitt 
 cschmitt at genteelarts.com 
 Ladies & Gentlemen of the 1860s Conference, March 1-4, 2012 

[1] http://www.accessible.com
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