[HNW] slight delay on "Flowers of the Needle"

Lee Carter mouse at well.com
Wed Dec 14 18:35:36 PST 2011

Thanks, Kathryn for the update.  Have a good and relaxing(?) 
holidays... cross fingers

Gwenyth of Mousehold Heath

At 07:26 AM 12/12/2011, you wrote:
>No worries, Kathryn, nor to your volunteers. Thank you all for your 
>marvelous efforts, and enjoy your holidays!
>>I had hoped that my Web Page, along with "Flowers of the Needle" 
>>would be done by the end of the month. I doubt this is going to 
>>happen. Things are, however, chugging merrily along behind the scenes.
>>I have had wonderful volunteers helping me. They will be thanked in 
>>print, trust me! One is doing yeoman's work on reformatting 
>>"Flowers of the Needle" into it's seven component parts, as 
>>separate downloads. I had a "sneak peek" and it's just marvelous!
>>I am *not* enjoying formal writing, for the first time since the 
>>1597 Sibmacher (1999).  I'm not very good at it, and have been 
>>relying on volunteer help for vetting my copy. I am writing 
>>individual Intros for each of the seven  books, trying to distill 
>>the sense of the text translations without violating the situation too badly.
>>My own holidays start with Thanksgiving, then my wedding 
>>anniversary shortly after, and my birthday the week after that. 
>><pant, pant!> I still haven't found my Christmas card list. My 
>>volunteers also have holiday activities and need to be considered.
>>I have the domain name I wanted, and the charges are quite 
>>reasonable from AmeriHost.
>>So, look for the final notice to come in January. Merry Christmas, 
>>Happy Holidays, Seasons' Greetings, and Happy New Year to all!
>>SCA: Kathryn Goodwyn
>>"too many centuries...too little time"
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