[HNW] status of "Flowers of the Needle"

Kathryn Newell c.knewell at Comcast.net
Tue Jan 25 05:49:46 PST 2011

I'm working at cleaning up the last 5 pages (pant! pant!) I spoke to one 
real printer back in late October. She never ever got back to me. My life 
has been distracted, since Oct.15th, by serious health issues. This, in 
turn, may result in my  husband and I having to spend $2500 as our 
deductible for possible surgery. It's going to be  just too expensive for 
printing "Flowers of the Needle" as I wanted to-- with cardstock covers and 
spiral binding.

I am, however, wondering how to have it burned onto a CD. Does anyone Out 
There have any information they can  help me with? Who or where do I go, how 
does it compare in price to paper printing, etc???

*Please* don't suggest I do it myself. Our home computer is from 2002 and 
the disk drives have never worked well. Add to this the idea of having to 
have at least 50 CDs burned before I ever announce it's available. Thirdly--  
how in the world do I do the liners? I don't do destktop publishing. The 
idea of cutting cardstock into strips to fit into the CD jewel cases is also 

I still hope for a limited edition of 200 to 300 copies.

I'd appreciate any help or advice-- off list so we don't  bore Everyone 

SCA:  Kathryn Goodwyn
"too many centuries...too little time" 

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