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When we hosted the Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium in 2007 (I  think it was), we had the Proceedings volume printed on CDs.  We supplied artwork, and they put the artwork onto the CD.  I suspect they can also help you with liner notes.

The place we used was   www.CheapCDDuplications.com.  I Googled for CD duplication and found lots of possibilities.  I was happy with this one, but there are lots of possibilities.  They were inexpensive and good quality.

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> I am, however, wondering how to have it burned onto a CD. Does anyone Out 
> There have any information they can  help me with? Who or where do I go, how 
> does it compare in price to paper printing, etc???
> *Please* don't suggest I do it myself. Our home computer is from 2002 and 
> the disk drives have never worked well. Add to this the idea of having to 
> have at least 50 CDs burned before I ever announce it's available. Thirdly--  
> how in the world do I do the liners? I don't do destktop publishing. The 
> idea of cutting cardstock into strips to fit into the CD jewel cases is also 
> unappealing.
> I'd appreciate any help or advice-- off list so we don't  bore Everyone 
> Else.
> --Kathryn
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