[HNW] status of "Flowers of the Needle"

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Wed Jan 26 03:21:14 PST 2011

Would you tell me how many pages? I want to check some of the printers around here for you.  I did copies of Norlund's original archeological excavation book that way, back in the 80s, and a few other things since then.
I think you would do better with paper.

---- Kathryn Newell <c.knewell at Comcast.net> wrote: 
> I'm working at cleaning up the last 5 pages (pant! pant!) I spoke to one 
> real printer back in late October. She never ever got back to me. My life 
> has been distracted, since Oct.15th, by serious health issues. This, in 
> turn, may result in my  husband and I having to spend $2500 as our 
> deductible for possible surgery. It's going to be  just too expensive for 
> printing "Flowers of the Needle" as I wanted to-- with cardstock covers and 
> spiral binding.
> I am, however, wondering how to have it burned onto a CD. Does anyone Out 
> There have any information they can  help me with? Who or where do I go, how 
> does it compare in price to paper printing, etc???
> *Please* don't suggest I do it myself. Our home computer is from 2002 and 
> the disk drives have never worked well. Add to this the idea of having to 
> have at least 50 CDs burned before I ever announce it's available. Thirdly--  
> how in the world do I do the liners? I don't do destktop publishing. The 
> idea of cutting cardstock into strips to fit into the CD jewel cases is also 
> unappealing.
> I still hope for a limited edition of 200 to 300 copies.
> I'd appreciate any help or advice-- off list so we don't  bore Everyone 
> Else.
> --Kathryn
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