[HNW] embroidering on dark linen?

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Lady Jane, 

I have pounced embroidery designs using charcoal on white satin, then later inked the pattern using sepia colored ink with a dip pen. 

Why not do the reverse in color?  You can pounce the design with pulvarized white chalk, then ink the pattern with white ink using a fine tipped dip pen.  I do not know how you prick your patterns, but I al ways prick may patterns just inside the design lines, so as I embroider, I place my stiches just outside the lines to cover up the permanant ink markings. 

Please ask me more questions if you want to know more about this very pre-1600's method of pattern transfer. 

Valeria Serena Ongaro 

Loch Gryffyn of Darwater, Trimaris 

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Greetings  :) 

I love to do my 16th and 17th century embroideries, and have been trying to find a way to use my skills in a way that will be relevant today.  Samplers are great hanging on a wall, and sweet bags are spiffy at an SCA event, but I wanted something that I could use in my 21st century life.  I designed a purse, an evening baga purse, an evening bag, that will have coiling goldwork vines of plaited braid,  and polychrome silk embroidery.  My plan is to do it on black linen, but I have no clue of how to effectively transfer the design.  My thought process was to perhaps pounce it with a light powder and then do a tiny light coloured running stitch around the entire design.  In theory that is not such a bad idea, but it will sure add a lot of work to the project.  

Does anyone have a better idea?  




Barony of Dragon's Laire 

Kingdom of An Tir (By way of Meridies, Drachenwald, Trimaris, Atlantia and originally from Trimaris) 


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