[HNW] Tambour and Passing Thread

Velvet Claw a_velvet_claw at yahoo.com.au
Sun Jul 24 14:24:38 PDT 2011

 From Dolby's Church Embroidery - Ancient and Modern, page 206

"Tambour is a gold thread precisely similar to passing but of the finest 
and most delicate quality. It is also very flexible and my be easily 
pulled through the material--as silk. In elaborate designs it may be 
used, in preference to passing, for "streaking" and working upon silk 

I understand tambour is available from Benson and Johnson, Golden 
Threads and a "special gilt tambour" from Thistle Threads.

Is it worth using tambour for elaborate, fine pieces or just sticking to 
some good old relatively widely available and cheaper passing thread? 
And what on earth is "streaking", do you know?


Megan/Elmsley Rose

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