[HNW] what's going on (or not) with my Web Page

Kathryn Newell c.knewell at Comcast.net
Fri Jun 10 05:38:07 PDT 2011

Just a status report on what's going on. Everything is "behind the scenes". 
I am behind on totally finishing the digital cleanup of "Flowers of the 
Needle". The last few pages were just so horrible-- they had faded so badly 
that the images were barely readable and there was no way to clean it up 
(all linear patterns).

 A good friend (who will be most gratefully thanked in my Acnowledgement) 
loaned mer he original 1878 fascimile. I have scanned in and cleaned up half 
of the 17 pp of this last book. Life then got interesting as I faced more 
major surgery. I am now maniacally trying to get my garden in (almost 
there!). It leaves me totally exhausted and in pain. Seven weeks since 
surgery but I consider meyself recovered.

My Web Mistress who offered to create the page is having an issue of Real 
Life. I sent her an email a week ago offering to release her from her 
promise. I get the feeling she has overextended herself. If she accepts my 
offer of release, my friend Lynn  will build my basic page. She can't handle 
loading PDFs for download. BUT-- I have had generous offers from folks here. 
Ditto for creating a CD for "Flowers of the Needle". I also need to consult 
Staples and other places here re CD reproduction. It would be ideal if I 
could control the project locally.

Lynn and I *tried* finding the rough text web page I had constructed with 
help from my friend Mathilde. Comcast is being such a pain that I intend to 
leave them as far as a Web page. Lynn is on AOL and they stopped hosting web 
pages. She suggests AmeriHost. I may be taking that option. Lynn can do the 
basic page layout and intro text. Lynn owns a digital camera and has 
experience loading photos onto her own Web page.

I have some logistical issues with working on the last pages of Flowers 
until after June 18th.  I will, however, be going back to work on those last 
few pages as soon as I can squeeze in the energy and get my brain around it. 
I'm really really annoyed that  my own work on those last pages went for 
nought. Half of those 17 pages were charted patterns--I spent hours and 
hoursof tedium that are now being tossed. :-(  It's being replaced by more 
hours of tedium--but fewer. The 1878 originals are much clearer than my old 

Work on the entire project is chugging along--just  much slower than I had 
hoped for.

Thank you for being so patient-- "Life is what  happens when you make other 

SCA: Kathryn Goodwyn
"too many centuries...too little time"

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